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  • Trustworthy are they

    Trustworthy are they

    I would sooner trust my Pit Bulls with another animal than my German Shepherd or Newfoundland. No questions asked.

  • Gentle are they

    Gentle are they

    Pit Bulls live with and love a surprising variety of animals. Many Pits adore creatures likes cats, rabbits, ducks, etc. Of course they are dogs so some will act like a dog.

  • Pit Bulls are naturally happy dogs

    Pit Bulls are naturally happy dogs

    They are higher on the non-aggression list than many dogs you would think were docile. They've been bred to be human friendly so if you find one with human aggression, blame the owner not the dog!

  • Pit Bulls are NOT Maulers

    Pit Bulls are NOT Maulers

    Regardless of what you hear, many Pit Bulls live in perfect harmony together!

  • Did you know Petey was a Pit Bull?

    Did you know Petey was a Pit Bull?

    After a lot of testing, they found a Pit Bull was the only dog that was smart enough and tolerant enough for the job.

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Posted by Administrator  on Jan 21 : 09:18  Category: News   Comments: 0

Snoopy the pit bull reunited with owner after agreement signed

Original Article: LINK

DAYTONA BEACH -- Snoopy the pit bull, who got worldwide attention through an aggressive online campaign to spare his life, was returned to his owner Friday afternoon.

Bob Johnson, 77, of Deltona, petted the white dog with a black muzzle outside the Halifax Humane Society's receiving lobby.

"Hi, Snoop," Johnson said.

The dog sniffed Johnson and his daughter, Tish Kennedy. Then Snoopy headed toward Johnson's truck. Along the way, he pawed at his muzzle.

Snoopy had been quarantined by city officials because he wasn't wearing his muzzle on Dec. 27, when another dog, a Jack Russell terrier named Russy, broke free of his owner's leash and charged at the pit bull. Snoopy had been declared dangerous five years earlier after a fight with a different dog in his neighborhood, and was required to be muzzled anytime he was outside of his home.

jack russell terrier   halifax humane society   daughter tish   worldwide attention   bob johnson   
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Posted by Administrator  on Jan 16 : 04:22  Category: Misc   Comments: 0

The Pits and the Pendulum

Donald Lumsley sits on a foldout chair on porch of his shotgun house in Gentilly. He's a former high school and college football player and looks it — he's wearing a purple T-shirt from his alma mater, St. Augustine High School. Two pit bulls stand at the top of the porch steps and watch cars and people pass by. They circle around him when someone approaches.

  "I would go to bat for them. They could be dead wrong, they're right," Lumsley says. "Where I go, they go — everywhere except church and work."

  The dogs, a small white pit bull mix named Buddy and a brindle three-year-old pit bull named Puppy (or sometimes, Persia), vie for Lumsley's attention. Puppy growls at newcomers and keeps her eyes locked on them until she's decided they're OK. Buddy accepts attention from anyone and gets it. Lumsley rescued both dogs, a decision he made in 2009 that changed his life.

Original Article at Gambit: LINK

college football player   pit bull mix   st augustine high school   porch steps   pit bulls   
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Posted by Administrator  on Jan 14 : 03:57  Category: News   Comments: 0

Buffalo aldermen asked to ban pit bulls in city limits

After being attacked by a pit bull terrier and seeing his own dog killed by the same dog two weeks later, Don Payton said it’s time for Buffalo to ban pit bulls from the city limits.Payton addressed the Buffalo Board of Aldermen at its regular meeting Monday, Jan. 9, and asked for an ordinance to prohibit the dogs from being present in the city. 

“These dogs are vicious. They’re cruel and they don’t belong in the city of Buffalo,” he said. 

Payton was involved in an incident with a pit bull on Friday, Dec. 30, when he called to report the animal killing another dog, according to a report from the Buffalo Police Department. Police arrived less than 10 minutes later to find a pit bull biting and shaking a white dog, which was dead. When two officers exited their car, according to the report, the pit bull dropped the dog and charged at them aggressively, leaving the officers forced to shoot and kill the pit bull.

pit bull terrier   buffalo police department   city of buffalo   pit bulls   department police   
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